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Franchise Consulting

Are you looking for the ideal franchise? The experts at Sparktyde will match your skills and strengths with our catalogue of hundreds of franchises to choose from.  Find your perfect match today, at no cost to you! We use a simple 3-phase approach to quickly put you on track to finding your ideal franchise options.   First , we have a discussion about your background and collect all the relevant data we need to filter our list of hundreds of franchises. Second , we present to you a short list of franchises that we think would suitable.  We can then dive a little deeper on a few of these opportunities that peak your interest. Third , we provide a warm introduction between yourself and the franchisor.  You can then speak with the franchisor directly to to work towards owning your own franchise! Contact us today for your free consultation. Want to get started right now?  You can fast track the first phase by filling out our intake form  today!
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CECRA Rent Assistance for Commercial Properties

The Canadian Emergency Commercial Rent Assistance (CECRA) program has been extended into August. Landlords and property owners are able to have this program applied retroactively as far back as April. This program provides rent relief for commercial businesses who are renting. The landlord of the property can receive a forgivable loan for 50% of the normal rent, provided they agree to reduce the rent of their tenant by 75%. The tenant is still liable for (up to) 25% of normal rent. So in essence, 25% is paid by the tenant, 25% falls on the landlord to absorb, and the remaining 50% is given to the landlord through the program. There is a low barrier to qualify as a landlord, but many are choosing not to. Many state the process is too confusing, or too time consuming. This leaves their tenants stuck with finding a way to pay for 100% rent without the normal revenue stream they had pre-covid. There are many great benefits to getting on board this program as a property owner. The b

4 Critical Questions to Ask Yourself Before Buying a Franchise

Just about everyone says they would like to be their own boss if they could.  The thought of making all the important decisions, and only answering to yourself, are quite appealing.  However, the majority of us don't pursue this dream for a number of reasons.  For some, the initial capital required to open a business is completely out of the question.  For others, they find it too risky to lose their savings and investments.  Work/life imbalance is also a common deal-breaker. These are all valid concerns and should be explored when deciding whether business/franchise ownership is right for you.  Having the ambition to run your own business is great, as the passion will drive you through the tough times.  But ambition alone is often not enough.  The following questions are some key elements you need to also ask yourself before taking the plunge into business ownership: 1) Are you willing to risk the funds? It is not only a matter of "do you have the funds?" but als

FDD Requirements by State

The Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) is needed for any franchise offering in the United States. Each state handles the registration and filing of this document differently. Some require submission to the state for approval, while other do not. Many states charge a filing fee as well. What States Need to File a Franchise Disclosure Document? The following list shows what states require filing and those that do not. State requirements can change at any time. You should always consult with each government website to be sure. Alabama - no filing / no fees Alaska - no filing / no fees Arizona - no filing / no fees Arkansas - no filing / no fees California - register and pay $675 Colorado - no filing / no fees Connecticut - register and pay $400 Delaware - no filing / no fees Florida - no longer requires registration Georgia - no filing / no fees Hawaii - register and pay $125 Idaho - no filing / no fees Illinois - registe

Are you Ready to Franchise your Business?

Considering Franchising? Franchising is a great way to expand your market reach to areas you wouldn't be able to cover yourself.  Many companies turn to franchising when their business is successful enough to grow, but requires the support of good business-minded people who need to be as dedicated as you are to continue growth. So, you have a successful business model with a proven track record. Your processes are well-documented and can be used as a turn-key operation. You are ready to grow your revenue by expanding your market and entering new territory. This is a great position to be in, but there is one catch. You are now entering a new industry: the franchise world.

Use this Low-cost Method to Amplify your Lead Pipeline

It's a simple numbers game: more leads mean more sales potential.  Would you like to ramp up your pipeline with quality prospects, all without ramping up your lead generation budget?  It's easier than you think.  In fact, you already have free access to a group of people that have shown an interest in your company.  You don't even have to process them in your CRM; they are already there... I am talking about your stale-dated leads.  The ones you had high hopes for at one point, but suddenly vanished into the night, and you never heard from them again. Stale Leads Can Come Back Again At what point do you consider a lead to be stale?  6 months?  A year or more?  Whatever it is, this article will explain why you should dust off those old prospects and give them another try.  It is likely worth the effort! Just because leads are old does not mean they are tapped out. Sure, some of these leads have been up-front in telling you they are no longer interested. You can safel